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New Mexico Medical Legal Review, Inc. is your source for objective medical opinions.  Our philosophy is excellence; from scheduling to final report. We will provide efficient and timely assistance for your most challenging cases.

As our name suggests, New Mexico Medical Legal Review, Inc is fully owned and operated here in New Mexico.  We have many years of experience in workers’ compensation and personal injury, and with our focus fully on New Mexico we can easily adapt, and customize services, to meet the needs of our clients.

Physician recruiting is an ongoing effort for us to ensure we have the specialty you need to assist in resolving your case.

We will take the burden from you by assisting with physician selection, promptly scheduling the service, preparing the medical records, requesting imaging and we will provide the report in a timely manner.

Making a referral to NM Medical Legal Review is quick and easy.  Provide us with the claim information and we will take it from there.  You can even securely upload medical records and joint letter